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Products & Application Summar


Mineral wool products and applications summary



Product and Application Overview

As a professional mineral wool manufacturer in China, NewTime Foundation Company has been devoted to the research and development of various applications of granular mineral wool for many years.

NewTime Foundation granulated mineral wool has the excellent properties of heat preservation, sound absorption and fire protection, with the temperature up to over 1000 degrees. It can be used in roofs, walls and floors under fire and heat insulation. The spray process is used Widely used in the construction of underground garages, curtain wall facades, a variety of roof structure for the roof for heat insulation; also used in public buildings and room equipment rooms and sound-absorbing noise reduction materials; can be used as a refractory material for steel structures , Tunnels, etc .; using adhesive for the bulkheads and decks of the ship, playing the role of thermal insulation and fire resistance, sound absorption and noise reduction, and obtained CCS certification from China Classification Society;
NewTime Foundation Granular mineral wool has not been widely used as a raw material for mineral wool sound-absorbing panels. The sound-absorbing panels produced by Shinku Foundation mineral wool have the advantages of sound absorption, fire prevention, heat insulation and anti-deformation.
NewTime Foundation mineral wool deep processing of fine mineral fiber products can replace asbestos, a brake pads and gaskets for high-quality raw materials, with high purity, good dispersion, high temperature, corrosion resistance, long diameter ratio stability and other excellent performance, Used in friction sealing products, can significantly improve the wear resistance of brake pads and gaskets, temperature performance, is a high-quality filler reinforcement materials, is a high-performance economic asbestos, glass wool and ceramic wool alternative Product
NewTime Foundation will continue to develop different functional mineral fibers. As mineral fibers are formed at a temperature of 1400 degrees, it is a high temperature resistant insulating material and is ideally suited for the production of various insulation panels for vehicles, generators , Mufflers and other insulation pads, but also can be used for agriculture is used to make soilless culture substrate, used in the paper industry instead of plant fiber, save a lot of wood, but also for coatings, rubber and so on.
NewTime Foundation has a strict internal quality management procedures, passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, through the analysis of raw materials testing, according to the needs of the deployment of raw materials to meet the needs of different clients to ensure the stability of the chemical composition, the new products when the base is not Contains no harmful elements of human health, does not contain asbestos, passed the non-asbestos SGS test and the EU REACH test, and biodegradable test. Its construction mineral fiber spraying wool belongs to China's well-known product brand and is widely recognized by spraying customers. Ship fire-resistant thermal insulation noise-reducing spraying also obtained CCS factory approval and fire-proof certification from China Classification Society. At present, the new foundation based on mineral fiber products sold to Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan and more than 10 countries.
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Product and application

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