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Application prospect of mineral wool


Application prospect of mineral wool


Application of Mineral wool in Agriculture

In agriculture, NewTime foundation mineral wool can be used to make soilless culture substrates called rock wool matrices. Compared with hydroponic culture, rock wool gem has the advantages of simple facilities, low cost and easy cultivation of cultivation techniques. The chemical composition of mineral wool  is stable, non-combustible, non-rotten,  Breathability ,used for the production of green fruits and vegetables and flowers.


2, The application of mineral wool in plastics


NewTime foundation industry mineral wool can replace asbestos fiber or glass chopped fiber as a fibrous filler used in thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. After a special process and surface treatment of mineral wool and other raw materials have a good infiltration and adhesion to improve the plastic bending strength, temperature resistance, creep resistance, clean and odorless, environmentally friendly.

             Plastic materials                                     Mineral wool reinforced plastic products

3, mineral wool in papermaking applications

When the NewTime Foundation mineral wool slender, light weight, high temperature, chemical stability, after a special process of slag ball content is very low, good dispersion, can be widely used in alternative papermaking plant fiber industry. Can improve the paper flame retardant, electrical insulation, heat, mildew resistance and other properties; reduce tree felling and protect the environment.


4, Mineral wool applications in rubber products

In the rubber industry, the traditional rubber reinforcing fillers are mainly carbon black. The raw materials for manufacturing carbon black are mainly oil and natural gas, which are non-renewable resources. In the production process, serious environmental problems will also occur.

NewTime foundation mineral wool shot content is lower, good dispersion, with good insulation, wear resistance, is a good rubber filling material. Can enhance the flow of rubber and improve product tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength, etc., can make the product of aging resistance, fatigue resistance and other properties can be improved to replace carbon black, environmental protection and energy saving.


5, The application of mineral wool in coatings

NewTime foundation after a special process of mineral wool purity is high, completely made of natural raw materials, is a healthy and safe inorganic fibers. For coatings, coatings can improve the mechanical properties and high temperature performance, mildew moth, high temperature will not release toxic gases, is the ideal material for the production of fire retardant coating.

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Application prospect of mineral wool

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