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Advanced manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing

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Advanced technology manufacturing


Advanced manufacturing products


NewTime Foundation hired Japanese whom is mineral wool manufacturing experts, Also cooperation with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, And to absorb  Japan technology for domestic innovation and obtain several patents.

When Hebei NewTime Foundation built the plant, it put the production technology and product quality at the top of the scale. It spent a lot of money hiring Japan's rock wool manufacturing technology expert Wada ,Research and introduce the Japanese production technology and changed the Chinese domestic consistent Emphasis on the introduction of equipment Do not attach importance to the production process of the system support, please foreign experts to the factory's technical managers, as well as front-line workers in all aspects of technology learning process hundreds of classes, hundreds of technical discussions, and finally learned a first-class Rock wool production technology;




Developed energy-efficient melting furnace, coupled with a unique production process, energy consumption than the same industry in China to reduce more than 30% to 140 kg / h; melting rate and yield increased by 20% or more, reaching 6 per hour Tons of dissolved amount, 85% of the finished product rate, high yield and low energy consumption, more than 40% of domestic production capacity of the same production line, energy consumption lower than 40% of other domestic production line, the production line has fully reached the technical level of the same industry in Japan, Praised by Japanese experts!

This accumulation of technology has taken new opportunities for development for the NewTime. In 2017, The complete set of production lines From NewTime Foundation will be sold back to Japan again, and creating more space for development for the enterprise.

The introduction of Japanese equipment technology, the United Space Technology Group to develop key equipment for mineral fiber - centrifuge, the steady operation speed reached more than 8000 rpm to ensure the continuous and stable fiber production, the production of fine mineral fibers, with low shot rate, thus reducing the Product density, improve the thermal insulation properties, but also reduce the cost of mineral wool as a variety of raw materials, broaden the product applications;

Independent innovation intelligent two-wire multi-performance feeding system technology  NewTime Foundation material feeding system realizes the functions of automatic material selecting, material weighing, material weighing, sub-sieve, iterative fabric feeding and high-speed material feeding, and can simultaneously supply two production lines, which effectively avoids redundant construction and investment and improves production efficiency .

Independent innovation stack generation rotary equalizer technology NewTime Foundation of R & D rotating equalizer, the conveyor belt feeding, the silos automatically rotate evenly, so that the pre-mixed material in the hopper layer by layer distribution, both to increase the storage space for materials, and All kinds of raw materials to make the distribution more uniform, to ensure the efficient dissolution of raw materials in the furnace.






Independent innovation of non-vacuum compression wrap wool machine technology Automatic packaging is an important part of improving production efficiency, Hebei NewTime Foundation joint space technology group to conduct technical research, and finally developed a China-made non-vacuum compression wrap mineral wool machine, the mineral wool package by automatic metering, volume compression, push into Bag, bag suture continuous completion, simple and rapid, the domestic initiative, reached the international same level of technology. At the same time fluffy material is compressed state package, greatly reducing the packaging, storage and transportation costs.

Hebei NewTime Foundation Company adopts the monitoring and digital information collection system from time to time in the key links of the whole production line. It designs nearly 70 monitoring points and full-HD and multi-angle video systems, which greatly improves the advanced production line and technology Level, to ensure the real-time production line monitoring, equipment and production to maintain a healthy operation, to ensure the production of energy-efficient.








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