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Review of NTF Fiber Spraying Equipment


Summary of NTF Fiber Spraying Equipment


NewTime Foundation is a leader of mineral wool spraying products and Technology in Chinawhich focuses on providing high-quality fire prevention, heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction series product, technology and apecial spraying construction equipment of clients.

The NewTime foundation of the company based on mineral fiber industry development and demand, After years of painstaking research and continuous improvement of practice, Developed a fourth-generation NTF series of new spraying machines with world-leading level.

Especially with NTF6311 / 6211 integrated fiber spraying machineNTF6300 / 6200 universal spraying machine and NTF3300 mini fiber spraying machine as the main type of fiber spraying machine, with a compact structure, powerful spraying ability, precise flow control, wool /  Adhesive / Wind frequency stepless deployment, to meet the different head due to spraying operations, the amount of spray wool different requirements;

All electrical appliances are with CE certified components, independent distribution cabinet internal design, all pipeline connections, are using professional quick access device, the design more humane and professional, safe, reliable and convenient;

Design with four corners of the appearance of anti-collision protection bar, as well as the side of the visible lines, accompanied by black and red anti-corrosion spray paint surface.

At the same time the NewTime foundation also developed independent rubber pump car and series of spray guns and other ancillary equipment to meet the different needs of customers, even more highlights the fourth generation spraying machine high-end atmosphere and distinctive.


NTF series of fiber spraying machine parameters 

Excellent performance


Frequency control: a unique frequency control settings, according to the construction needs to adjust the mixing motor speed, so as to achieve control of set aside of fiber out the machine and the amount of fiber, control the state of the fiber spray to ensure that the spray layer state stability; but also put an end to the motor Often reverse the overload, broken phase of the accident occurred.

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