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    • blowing & Filling mineral wool F-16B

    blowing & Filling mineral wool F-16B

    NewTime Foundation F-16B blowing & Filling mineral wool, is a hydrophobic mineral wool, gray wool-like, non-organic matter, light weight, low thermal conductivity, is a high quality insulation, noise, fire protection materials.

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    • Marine mineral wool spray products SprayMix

    Marine mineral wool spray products SprayMix

    The NewTime Foundation SprayMix marine mineral wool spray products are specially processed clean mineral wool and two-component water-based specialty binder. They are sprayed on the surface of the object through the NewTime Foundation Mini NTF Sprayer and are naturally dried to form The overall continuous thermal insulation noise reduction fire-resistant spray products.

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    • Summary of NTF Fiber Spraying Equipment

    Summary of NTF Fiber Spraying Equipment

    NewTime Foundation is a leader of mineral wool spraying products and Technology in China,which focuses on providing high-quality fire prevention, heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction series product, technology and apecial spraying construction equipment of clients. The NewTime foundation of the company based on mineral fiber industry development and demand, After years of painstaking research and continuous improvement of practice, Developed a fourth-generation NTF series of new spraying machines with world-leading level.

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    • Mineral fiber for Friction&seal industry Summary

    Mineral fiber for Friction&seal industry Summary

    NewTime Foundation mineral fiber are made from nature basalt, diabase, silica and others as raw material, fiber chemical stability, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, do not contain asbestos ingredient absolutely safe for human health and environment.

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    • Product Overview

    Product Overview

    NewTime Foundation sound-absorbing board for granular mineral wool is the use of high-quality slag, silica as the main raw material by high temperature melting, high-speed centrifugal fiber, surface treatment, granulation, slag removal and other processing, was gray color wool- Compression packaging and forming products.

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    • Application prospect of mineral wool

    Application prospect of mineral wool

    In agriculture, NewTime foundation mineral wool can be used to make soilless culture substrates called rock wool matrices. Compared with hydroponic culture, rock wool gem has the advantages of simple facilities, low cost and easy cultivation of cultivation techniques. The chemical composition of mineral wool is stable, non-combustible, non-rotten, Breathability ,used for the production of green fruits and vegetables and flowers.

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NewTime Foundation Group Company was founded in 2002,is specialized in manufacturing of thermal insulation, sound absorption and reduction noise, fireproof spraying materials as well as R&D of their application technologies and engineering services in China. The factory is located in Caofeidian of Tangshan city in Hebei province, the shore of Bohai Sea in China. It is 100km away from Tianjin Port in China, covering an area of 100 mus, possessing 15000m2 area for manufacturing, storage and technical R&D, office. Marketing center and engineering division of the company are located in the capital of China, Beijing. NewTime Foundation Company has an annual throughput of coating mineral wool of 60,000 tons, It is China's largest manufacturer of spraying granular mineral wool products and project engineering services.


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